The aerospace sector is a developing and competitive sector; at ESG we work with customers at all levels of the supply chain. Whether you are a large or small aerospace company involved in aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, R&D, or a space agency we understand your requirements.

Our processes ensure the parts produced are continually consistent and made from high grade materials which meet regulatory and industry standards for traceability and certification. You can be sure that the equipment used during manufacture will ensure final parts meet conformance.

This is all achieved by close collaboration with our customers, the monitoring of procedures and guidelines by ourselves and through manufacturing audits by our partners, concluding with the careful examination of the final parts produced.

As the progression towards hybrid electric propulsions continues and customers require cleaner, more efficient and quieter aircraft, ESG are able to meet your needs by using specialist and sophisticated materials, able to tolerate high stresses at extreme temperatures.

We are experienced in supplying innovative parts to companies worldwide, using a range of materials such as Polyimide films to Nickel reinforced Graphite and PET. These parts are currently found within braking systems and de-icing systems to ventilation and control systems.

We also understand the need for parts in R&D and will always try to meet the requirement for low volume parts, allowing design changes at minimal expense, while avoiding expensive development and set up costs.

This is often our opportunity to nurture relationships old and new.

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