Evans Shims & Gaskets supply components made from top-quality materials to the highest standards of manufacturing excellence.

Our shims, gaskets and seals are used by companies around the world, from firms on our doorstep in Hampshire, UK, to automotive manufacturers in New Zealand.

We’re not the only shims and gaskets supplier but here’s why we’re different:

We’ll work with you

We treat all our customers as trusted partners, from the very first enquiry to the delivery of finished parts. You can be sure that our components will meet the highest regulatory, safety and traceability standards. Not only are we ISO 9001:2015 certified but we apply rigorous quality control to products and procedures. We’ll also help you meet tight deadlines and keep costs down. We keep stocks of many materials for a fast turnaround and we’re happy to accommodate small production runs and changes to a design at minimal cost.

We understand advanced materials

We’re proud of our expert knowledge of the world’s most advanced materials for specialist applications. We see this as the future of our industry and we are determined to stay at the forefront as materials develop and technological advances are made.

We also stock a wide range of conventional polyester and polypropylene shimstock in various thicknesses – all colour coded to make them easy to identify. Plus, we stock a huge variety of rubbers, corks, metals, gasket papers and asbestos substitutes.

We invest in innovative technology

Our components are manufactured to your specifications using digital cutting machines to meet the tightest of tolerances. If you need an extremely thin part, we can provide it. We currently have the technology to cut certain materials at a thickness of just 5 microns (0.005mm) and create intricate shapes for specialist applications. And we’re continuing to keep up to date so we can meet your demands for precision-engineered parts both now and in the future.

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