Pumping Systems

Our precision-made seals and gaskets ensure that pumps, compressors and pneumatic systems operate to maximum efficiency.

We’re a supplier of complex seals and gaskets to manufacturers large and small, along with companies that need our specialist parts for maintenance and R&D.

Our customers include manufacturers of vacuum pumps, compressors, side channel blowers and turbine blowers.

We also supply makers of dashpots – devices that absorb shocks and reduce vibrations – and producers of centrifugal pumps, hydraulic pumps and pneumatic actuators.

Our customers choose us for our commitment to the highest standards of quality in manufacturing and materials. We ensure conformance and accuracy by routinely producing one-off parts before production begins, which we measure using high-precision optical equipment.

Whatever your requirements, our experts will help you choose the right material for manufacturing or R&D.

We stock an extensive range of lightweight, flexible corks, each with unique properties. For example, Nebar’s® ability to withstand high pressures and exposure to gases makes it ideal for gas flow systems and oil-filled transformers.

Polyesters can be produced to the sizes and shapes you need. Our advanced machinery enables us to cut intricate shapes for water filtration systems and to fabricate super-thin PET components, down to just 5 microns (0.005mm).

As pumps become ever more efficient in the future, you can rely on us to meet your needs. At Evans Shims & Gaskets, we’ll continue to develop our materials and cutting technologies, making ever-thinner parts to ever more accurate specifications.

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