Electronics & Control Systems

Components from Evans Shims & Gaskets are essential parts in lighting, electronics and control systems of all kinds. You’ll find them in electronic sensors, gas and flame detectors, and music and lighting systems made by companies around the world.

We supply manufacturers large and small, as well as businesses at the forefront of research and development. Their products are used for a wide variety of applications, from the lighting consoles in entertainment venues to oil rigs, refineries and military telecoms systems.

Our customers range from designers and manufacturers of lighting control solutions, bespoke lighting companies, mixing desk specialists, and cable manufacturers, all the way through to radio module and sensor network suppliers for wireless connectivity and IoT solutions.

Whatever your requirements, we’ll work with you to ensure that the result is a high-grade product that meets the most demanding of specifications. Our highly accurate machinery, rigorous monitoring procedures and partner audits ensure that all relevant materials comply with industry and regulatory standards, including UL and CSA tests.

Our material stock is comprehensive and consists of electromagnetic shielding, such as copper and aluminium laminates and thermal insulation products which can be manufactured from materials such as Formex®, Elephantide® or Mylar®. We also stock Nomex®, which provides rigidity and durability for high-temperature applications.

Electronics applications are likely to grow even more diverse in the future, as advances in technology change the face of communications, computing, transport and medicine. At Evans Shims & Gaskets, we’re continually looking for the latest, most efficient materials to make the components you need today.

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