The engineering sector is one of the most diverse users of our products, encompassing heavy engineering and infrastructure along with mechanical engineering and plant.

Evans Shims & Gaskets supplies both small and large engineering firms around the world, from SMEs to engineering giants.

No matter who we supply, we work closely with all our partners to guarantee conformance through careful monitoring and assisting with audits. You can rely on us to produce safety-critical parts that meet the high standards of specification, tolerance and traceability you require.

We use high-grade materials, including metals, a variety of rubbers, and polyester and polypropylene for our shimstock. The finished parts are colour-coded according to thickness to make them easy to identify, with the thinnest being just 5 microns in thickness.

All our components are cut to their desired specification using digital and tooled cutting machines that exceed the required tolerances. This ensures accurate alignment and fine-tuning of parts for a perfect fit.

Our components go into all kinds of machinery, from industrial knives, printing presses and heavy plant to mining equipment, trains and naval vessels. We hold materials in stock to avoid unnecessary delays in shipping products to Europe and the rest of the world.

As the pace of technological change grows ever faster, so will the demands. That’s why Evans Shims & Gaskets is constantly reviewing advances in laser cutting and 3D printing, as well as the very latest materials, so that we can remain a trusted supplier to the world’s most advanced engineering companies.

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