Power Generation

In 2018, the UK’s installed energy capacity from renewable sources overtook fossil fuels for the first time.

At Evans Shims & Gaskets, we’re committed to helping the renewable sector develop by providing essential parts both now and in the years to come.

Our components are used in the generation of wind, solar and geothermal energy, as well as bioenergy and hydropower. And we continue to support the non-renewable energy industry by supplying the essential parts needed for maintenance.

Amongst our renewable customers are those that develop and operate hydroelectric power plants around the world.

You’ll also find our metal shimstock and laminated plastic shims in wind turbines. These precision-made parts ensure accurate alignment, which boosts efficiency and minimises wear and tear.

Whether you need parts for renewable or non-renewable energy generation, we can help. We can supply plastic shimstock in a range of thicknesses and all colour coded for easy identification.

If you need a part with an intricate shape, we can create it from drawings or samples using digital cutting tools. And we stock a wide variety of adhesive backings to ensure a secure application.

We understand the demands of renewable energy producers and we know that technology is changing rapidly. That’s why you can trust us to use and introduce the latest manufacturing methods and other innovations to meet the demands of tomorrow’s technologies.

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